Tips for parents of teen drivers

Vroom, the e-commerce startup that allows consumers to buy and sell cars online, has some tips to share with the parents about the best cars for new teen drivers.

A few things that parents should consider when choosing a car for their teen drivers include:

  • Safety: Teens have the highest crash rate among any group in the U.S., so only consider models that have great ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Avoid large SUVs or trucks, which can have bad visibility and lots of blind spots; a 4-door sedan with large windows is usually best.
  • Fuel economy: Look for a model that gets great gas mileage, so your teen doesn’t have to put all their limited spending money toward fueling up. A car that gets at least 25 miles per gallon should be pretty easy to find.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Teens don’t always know how to take the best care of their first cars, so purchase one that has a great manufacturer’s warranty that can take them through college. Most Toyotas, for example, come with a minimum 4-year warranty. Many Certified Pre-Owned Cars (like the ones that Vroom sells) still have some time left on their warranties, as well.

We think the five best used cars for new teen drivers right now:

  • Kia Forte ($12,998 on Vroom). An economy car with great safety ratings; 35+ MPG; and standard entertainment like Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio and more. A great basic option for a starter car.
  • Toyota Corolla ($14,998 on Vroom). The engine will run forever and you don’t have to worry about fuel costs with over 30 MPG. The LE model adds iPod and Bluetooth integrations for tech-savvy music fans and comes standard with an automatic transmission, power windows and locks, plus a great safety rating.
  • Ford Fusion ($15,275 on Vroom). A great option for the style-savvy teen, with its leather seats, 5-star safety rating, and all the features you would find in a luxury sedan. It drives like a BMW but isn’t priced like one.
  • Volkswagen GTI ($19,988 on Vroom). This model’s German engineering makes driving fun but still safe. The Wolfsburg Edition features funky features like plaid seats and colored accents that will appeal to the stylish teen.
  • Subaru XV Crosstrek Wagon ($23,877 on Vroom). If you live in an area with rough winters, you will want a car with all-wheel drive. The XV Crosstrek is new from Subaru with a 5-star safety rating, 26 MPG, Bluetooth and digital radio options, and a roof rack where the sporty teen can stash their skis. Plus, the rearview camera can help new drivers avoid parking lot fender-benders.