Allegheny Health Network brings state-of-the-art Concussion Assessment Technology to regional EMS providers

As part of its commitment to bringing leading-edge concussion management services to  the communities of western Pennsylvania, , Allegheny Health Network (AHN) has announced an initiative to equip and train emergency medical services (EMS) professionals in the use of advanced  mobile concussion assessment technology.

Through AHN’s program, participating EMS providers will receive the iPad-based C3 Logix concussion assessment system to use for one year along with instruction in conducting baseline testing. Results of baseline assessments performed when a patient is well will be compared with tests performed after a suspected concussion to assist physicians in making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.

EMS providers are encouraged to perform baseline testing on their own staff and other first responders in the community. In addition, they may provide screenings (for individuals age 10 and older) and education about the signs, symptoms and health risks of concussions for local sports leagues and at community events.

After responding to head injuries and possible concussions at local youth sporting events, Mon Valley EMS Assistant Chief Paul Buchko said his staff is excited to be able to provide baseline testing in the community.

“We see and care for injuries firsthand and do the transport,” Buchko said. “If this can make a difference if someone suffers a concussion, it’s something we want to be involved in to help our community.”

Like other concussion evaluation tools, C3 Logix includes a computerized neurocognitive exam. However, C3 Logix also tracks a patient’s dynamic vision reflexes and ability to visually focus on moving objects. The tool features an advanced battery of tests that effectively measure motor skills and balance through a unique iPad application. When the iPad is strapped to a patient’s back, the app collects accelerometer and gyroscopic data to assess postural stability while the patient attempts various stances on both firm and soft surfaces.

“By examining balance and other critical elements of concussion assessment that aren’t factored into existing diagnostic tools, C3 Logix is taking concussion evaluation to the next level,” said Edward Snell, MD, Director of Allegheny General Hospital’s Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship and Sports Concussion Clinic. He also serves as head team physician for the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Organization, on Major League Baseball’s concussion committee and on the sports advisory board for the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association.

C3 Logix is currently being used by eleven EMS providers including McCandless/Franklin Park, Ross/West View, Cranberry Township, Jefferson Hills Ambulance Association, Marclay Ambulance Service in Marklesyburg, Mt. Lebanon-based Medical Rescue Team South Authority, Mon Valley, Mt. Pleasant-Medic 10, Eureka Community Ambulance in Tarentum, Plum EMS and Quality Ambulance in Adams Township.

AHN plans to expand the program to include additional EMS providers in the future.

“Our EMS providers are such a valuable partner in providing the best possible care to patients throughout southwestern Pennsylvania,” said Robert McCaughan, Vice President, Pre-hospital Care Services, AHN. “Allegheny Health Network is proud to be able to provide our EMS partners with the opportunity to expand their skills and bring new services to the communities they serve through training in this sophisticated baseline concussion testing system.”

Allegheny Health Network is the sole provider of C3 Logix testing in the 29 counties of western Pennsylvania. AHN athletic trainers offer baseline testing with the system to all 19 school districts that receive athletic training services through AHN’s Sports Medicine’s scholastic program. The system is also being used at Robert Morris University and with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds professional soccer team.

C3 Logix is a key component of AHN’s Comprehensive Concussion Center, which provides a full array of evaluation and treatment options for patients who have suffered concussions while also focusing on concussion prevention education and research. Staffed by specialists in neurology, neurosurgery and orthopaedics sports medicine, AHN’s Center develops customized treatment plans to help each patient safely return to daily activities following a concussion.

Allegheny Health Network is rated the #1 Health System for Neurological Care Quality in western Pennsylvania, according to the Comparion® Medical Analytics, 2016 National Quality Rating Database.