Parents need to plan ahead

Parents, when you registered your child for child care there were so many things to learn. Do you remember being told to have a back-up plan for child care if your child becomes ill? You may have forgotten to do that.
Children are not allowed to be at child care when they are ill and contagious. What will happen if your child is too ill to be in child care? If you cannot stay home from work, you will need to have someone lined up to care for your child. With so many flu warnings right now, it’s even more important to have a plan.
Here are some ideas for alternate child care if your child becomes ill:
Find out if your employer will allow you to have flexible hours.
Can you use some of your sick days?
Do you have a relative or friend who may be willing to help out if your child is ill?
You might find someone to trade child care hours with. Maybe she can care for your child during your work hours and you can provide care for her child at other times.
The important thing is to have a plan. You may never need to use it, but if your child becomes ill, you will have care for your child lined up.
Child care providers can find out about training and obtaining educational materials by calling the Penn State Cooperative Extension Better Kid Care Program at 800-452-9108.