Great tips for expecting parents

New parents have a lot to think about. From setting up the nursery, to picking out a name, there are so many details to consider, both small and large. Here are some tips to make your baby’s arrival easier:

• Prepare your household

Bringing home a baby is going to shake things up for every member of your household, so you should get everyone ready for the change.

Doctors suggest exposing pets to the smells and sounds of babies in advance of your child’s arrival. Playing a recording of baby noises, and letting your pooch smell baby lotions will help him know what to expect. 

If you have an older child, have an age-appropriate discussion with them about what it will mean to be a big brother or sister.

Don’t forget to have your house clean and ready for the new arrival. Do laundry in advance of the due date so you won’t worry about having plenty of fresh clothes and towels, and prepare several meals that can be frozen and stored so you won’t have to cook. 

• Throw a shower

The single best way to make sure you have everything you’ll need and want for your new baby is to throw a shower. Motivate your guests to come bearing beautiful gifts for your little one by inviting them with unique baby shower invitations from an online stationery store like

Be sure to mention your registry, so attendees don’t double up on presents. Aside from big ticket items like cribs, and strollers, consider adding the little essentials you’ll need, like baby wipes, diapers, and bibs. While these items aren’t as “fun,” they are just as necessary.

• Be informed

You may think you know everything there is to know about being a parent, especially if this isn’t your first child. But new research often improves health and safety recommendations for newborns. For example, did you know infants should sleep on their backs in a crib with no pillows or stuffed animals? According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 11 million cribs have been recalled since 2007. So if you’re planning to use a hand-me-down, make sure it’s safe.

• After the baby arrives

Don’t forget to keep a camera ready for all those “firsts.” Photos are a great way to share your memories with your loved ones. A cute picture of you and your newborn will make an excellent birth announcement.

New parents should also remember to eat right, get rest and exercise daily. Healthy habits will make you a more effective parent.

Whether it’s your first child, or your fifth, the exhilaration, and the stress, of welcoming a new baby into your home never goes away.  However, you can make life easier.