An insider's guide to creating a stylish and functional nursery

Courtesy of ARA

Moms seem to instinctively know the importance of creating a special nursery space where they can bond, interact and love every moment with their baby. In fact, a recent survey from PlaytexBaby found that an overwhelming majority of moms (87 percent) agree that it’s essential to put time into making the nursery a great space for their little one.

Yet often times, creating a nursery can be daunting, as moms strive to ensure this space provides functionality, while also conveying a certain style. To help simplify the process, celebrity nursery designer and founder of Bratt Decor, Mary Bauer, provides expert tips to help moms get started.

"Moms are spending so much time in the nursery each day, so they want to create a room that is fun and stylish, but also one that’s functional – and you can have both," says Bauer. "By following a few simple tips when creating a nursery, moms can ensure that their journey is easy and enjoyable, and that they end up with the ideal nursery space for herself and her baby."

Bauer’s tips include: Make the most of your room size: If you have a small space, avoid using small-scale furniture. Instead, use a few normal-sized pieces, and choose furniture that can do double duty – like a changer that’s a dresser, or an ottoman with a storage compartment. Using soft, cool tones will also make your room feel larger.

Create a convenient changing space: Ensure that your changing table is well-stocked with baby wipes, diapers and an extra set of clothes right at your finger tips, so you never have a reason to leave your baby unattended. Position your diaper pail right next to the changing table and choose a pail that makes the whole process as easy as possible. The Diaper Genie II Elite Pail offers a convenient foot pedal, allowing you to hold your child and dispose of a diaper at the same time.

Make it personal: Adding personality to your decor doesn’t have to be super expensive – create your own personal touches in your nursery to make it meaningful to you. Include vintage photographs, your baby’s silver cup, framed family heirloom christening gowns, or anything else that means a lot. This gives heritage to a brand new space, and makes it all your own.

Secure your sleep haven: Whatever your budget is, don’t scrimp on the crib – it’s the place where your baby spends the most time without you and should be a safe and comfortable space. Check out new crib regulations released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission before making your purchase.

Create a timeless feel: No one wants to redo their rooms every year with the changing trends. Keep furnishings – which are the big ticket items – timeless in design, and add trends with more affordable accent items like bedding and paint.

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