Winners and losers in today’s schools

Schoolboy Educate Online. Father Helps His Son With Home Work. Boy In Video Conference With Teacher On Laptop At Home.

Dear Teacher 

There is almost universal agreement among educators that Covid-19 has affected students’ academic growth. The exception will be those students who have attended school throughout the pandemic. Hopefully, your children who are attending school virtually have been in a winning situation during this difficult time. 

Winners:  The students who have:

  1. good electronic equipment and know how to use it.
  2. teachers who know how to present engaging lessons via different computer platforms.
  3. parents with the time and know-how to help younger students with their lessons.
  4. attention spans that give them the ability to focus on the computer lessons for long periods of time. 

Losers:  The students who have:

  1. a learning disability and are not receiving the help that they need.
  2. an academic performance below grade level. 
  3. not mastered the ability to work independently.
  4. insufficient computer knowledge for online learning.

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