Ways to help your child adjust to a brand-new school after a move

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It is especially stressful for a child to move into a new home. This means starting over in a new neighborhood and a new school. Transferring to a new school will be difficult for your child. Helping your child in adjusting to elementary school requires time, effort, and understanding. Below are three ways to help your child during this change.


#1: Make sure your child has the materials he or she needs

 Ask the school about the materials and supplies your child needs for the school year so you can get them well before school starts. Having a complete set of supplies will make your child feel well-prepared for the activities in each class. Younger children tend to be sensitive about being left out. It’s also a good idea to prepare a healthy lunch and snacks for your kid to bring to school.


#2: Do a test run, if possible

There is nothing like being hands-on at helping your child figure things out at the new school even before classes start. You can bring your child to school for a trial run. Meeting the teacher can also help your child relax about their new environment.


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Make sure your child knows you will pick him or her up after school. This can help ease any feelings of abandonment or anxiety. Bring your child to the bus stop, so he or she knows where to wait for the bus if needed. All these things will make adjusting to elementary school easier for your child.

Your child will appreciate knowing all these things before actual school starts. It will make your child feel like he or she is already part of the school system. The last thing your child needs is to stick out like a sore thumb. Your job is to make the transition as easy as possible for your kid.


#3: Maintain constant communication with your child

The best way to find out how your child is doing is to talk to him or her. Asking your child about things at school will let you know how he or she feels about the new school.

However, be prepared for situations where your child doesn’t want to talk. This may be a sign that things aren’t going well at school. It could also be possible that your child doesn’t know how to express his or her feelings.

In such cases, it helps to observe your child’s body language and go from there. Comforting your child when things are not going as expected will help ease your child’s doubts about the new school. Being there for your child is crucial during this adjustment.

A new home means a new environment. This includes a new school system for you and your child. Supporting your child in every way can make this transition quicker and easier. Strategies such as doing a test run of a school day and active listening can help your child in adjusting to elementary school.

It will take some effort to bring everything back to normal speed but it will be worth it.

Author: Kara Griffin