Tips to Prevent Daylight Savings From Ruining Your Baby's Sleep



Dream Baby Sleep® explains why the time change affects sleep and shares tips to improve sleep

PRNewswire/ — When the clock falls back one hour on November 4, be prepared for early rising which throws off your nap and bedtime schedule. Follow these simple steps to help your child adjust to the time change and prevent sleep regressions. 

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Fall back with Dream Baby Sleep to prevent sleep regressions during the time change.

Preparing your child to fall back:

  1. Start the shift slowly. Eight days before daylight savings, start shifting your child's nap and bedtime schedule later by 15 minutes every 2 days.  Adjust meal time as well. 
  2. Adopt the new clock immediately. As soon as the clock officially falls back we need to work off the new clock right away. Don't make the mistake of calculating what bedtime would have been yesterday. 
  3. Use Blackout shades. As the light creeps in earlier in the morning this is an important step to help minimize early rising.  
  4. Set awake for the day no earlier than 6:30 AM. Wait to get your baby until 6:30 AM the day of the time change and each day after. Choose a sleep training method you're comfortable with using 1 of our 4 sleep training eBooks. Sleep training does NOT have to mean Cry It Out.

For new parents, sleep deprivation is likely to be one of their greatest challenges in the first year.   The impact on working parents is significant – a Harvard research study found that, for the average worker, insomnia leads to the loss of 11.3 days' worth of productivity each calendar year.

About Dream Baby Sleep: Founded by Carolynne J. Harvey, a mom who broke all the rules when her daughter was an infant, the company wants to educate and empower parents to take control of sleep in their homes. Harvey is a graduate of Sleep Baby Sleep Certified Sleep Consultants, attended 200 hours of Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant program, and has been personally mentored by Deborah Pedrick, Founder and President of Family Sleep Institute.  Harvey has built a team of compassionate certified sleep consultants who support tired parents worldwide.

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