Tips to keep your potty training resolutions

With every new year comes New Year’s resolutions! From losing weight to quitting smoking lots of folks like to kick off the season with a personal goals, but what about those of us with toddlers? Specifically, potty-training ready toddlers.

For months I surrounded my toddler and me with pull-ups, potty seats and  “big kid underwear.” Yet I struggled to take the potty training leap. I had to resolve to do it and resolve I did.

Once my boys were ready (dry overnight, not scared of the potty, etc,) I went with a cold method of toilet training. One day they were in diapers, the next they weren’t and we never looked back. If you are resolving to tackle the potty this year, these tips may help.

  1. Choose a Day. Look ahead at the calendar for a slow weekend or a couple of days you can truly focus on the potty training. Then pick the day and mark it on the calendar. In my house we call it Funderwear Day. Talk about it with your child. Get them exited about it like a holiday. Make sure to announce no more diapers will be allowed in the house after Funderwear Day. This helps not only prepare your child mentally but you as well! Sometimes a deadline is exactly the type of motivation you need.
  2. Involve the Family. Are there older siblings? Cousins? Family friends? Tell everyone about “Funderwear Day” in front of your child. Make it exciting! Shout it from the rooftops! By making it something to celebrate with friends and family they will start to look forward to it because everyone else is showing so much enthusiasm and interest. 
  3. Keep a Timer. On the big day keep a timer handy. Set a time interval to get your child to sit on the potty. Sometimes they will go, sometimes they won’t but let me tell you from experience, you can flat out ask a 3 year if they have to pee and they will stare directly into your eyes and say no while urine is running down their leg. That experience alone taught me to trust the timer over the toddler.
  4. Accidents Happen. No child in the history of the world was potty trained without having at least one accident. Prepare yourself for it. Have lots of extra clothes and sheets. Once Funderwear Day arrives there is no going back to diapers. So stay strong and keep those changes of close handy you will need them.
  5. Try to Stay Calm. This is so much easier said then done. Truth be told, I lost it every Funderwewar Day. Take a deep breath, remind yourself no one goes to kindergarten in diapers and keep taking those trips to the potty. The first few hours are the hardest. Then it gets easier and easier and easier. By day two both my boys were nearly potty experts!

Taking the potty leap is never easy but as with most parenting adventures, one day you’ll look back and smile at the memories.

Once an assistant professor of multimedia and web technology, Roni Noone changed her career path drastically after blogging publicly about her 70 pound weight loss.  She now runs a successful web publishing and blogging business, hosts a yearly conference, and inspires thousands each day to live a healthy, conscious life. After years of reading books to her kids, Roni dreamed of writing her own children’s book. She used the experience of potty training her first child as inspiration to write a book for her second, Little Bean.