Tips for soothing babies during teething time

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Soothing a teething infant can be challenging in the wee hours of the night, especially when the entire household is feeling junior’s pain.

Finding just the remedy to make your little angel a little more, shall we say – angelic, may take a bit of trial and error. And as any mom can tell you, what proved to be the miracle cure for your firstborn won’t necessarily ring true for those that follow.

The following are some tried and true ideas to bring relief to an achy, teething baby (and mom, to boot!):

  • Playtime Distractions: Some babies experience only mild pain and can be distracted from their discomfort quite easily. Offer a new toy or some interactive playtime as an initial step to ward off teething-time fussies.
  • Wintry Washcloths: Whether simply rinsed, or dampened then frozen, washcloths are an inexpensive way to ward off tender gums. Just wet and wring out a clean cloth, and either offer it immediately or place in the freezer for later. Some babies also will enjoy the texture of small knots tied in the corners, and babies over one year may find extra comfort from a cloth dipped in chamomile tea before freezing. 
  • Clever Cloves: Clove oil, which is extracted from the clove plant, possesses local anesthetic properties and has been used for generations as a natural way to treat oral pain. This is the philosophy behind new Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Gel, which relies on the soothing power of this essential oil as a natural option for teething pain relief, and is benzocaine-free, alcohol-free and dye-free.
  • Chew, Chew, Chew: As babies begin teething, they are inclined to put things into their mouths. This reflects a natural urge to self-soothe by adding pressure that helps break down the gums and allows new teeth to emerge. Many toys are made specifically for teething, with textures that provide comfort. Some are liquid-filled and can be chilled to provide extra relief.
  • Tasty Treats: Age appropriate snacks can be especially effective at soothing sore gums. Ideal for early teethers, netted feeders filled with frozen bananas or other frozen fruit help to ease irritated gums.

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