Time to make PEEPS®Slime



Spring is a time for flowers, rainbows, warmer temperatures… and PEEPs®! Whether you’re in the mood for a quick science experiment with major cool factor or you want a fun afternoon project to keep the kids entertained, our homemade PEEPs® slime is sure to do the trick. It’s a perfect activity for spring… or anytime!



To prep for our PEEPs® slime science experiment, we first gathered our supplies:

  • PEEPs® candy
  • Powdered sugar or corn starch
  • Clear corn syrup
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • A fork

That’s it! The prep was as quick and easy as it comes.


To make the slime, we began by placing 8 PEEPs® bunnies into our microwave safe bowl. We put the dish in the microwave and cooked it for about 1 minute – making sure not to cook it any longer.

I used our hot pads to carefully move the bowl to our table. Then my kids stirred until the colors mixed and the PEEPs® looked like marshmallow fluff.

Then we added eight teaspoons of corn syrup (one teaspoon of corn syrup per PEEP® used). We mixed until the ingredients were well combined and added eight teaspoons of cornstarch.

At this point, our slime was stretchy. We experimented by adding a little more corn starch to make the slime less sticky and more dough-like.

Although we didn’t need it for our batch, you can add more corn syrup if you need to make your slime more stretchy and runny.

When we found the perfect consistency, the kids eagerly began playing with the sticky slime. They loved making shapes and watching the slime run through their fingers.


PEEPs® are marshmallows covered in sugar. Marshmallows are made by mixing sugar, gelatin, heating it until it boils, then whipping the mixture allowing air bubbles to form.

When marshmallows cool, the collagen from the gelatin prevents the structure from collapsing, leaving a sticky, puffy candy.

When you melt marshmallows, all the air is removed, leaving a sticky, gooey substance.

Adding more sugar and corn syrup changes the viscosity (thick, stickiness) of the PEEPs®-

  • Add enough dry ingredients and the slime becomes doughy and returns to a solid state.
  • Add enough corn syrup and the PEEPs® will be transformed into a runny liquid with low viscosity.