The Woodlands Camps 2021

Boy With Drawing

Sports Camp
Adults (30+) June 6-11
Young Adults (22-29) June 13-18

Sports Camps are all about physical activity programming as well as the emotional lift of competing and being part of a team. These active, engaging and hands-on camps encourage participants to challenge themselves. Our instructors are trained to work with people of all abilities and have vast knowledge of adapted equipment and adapted teaching methods for: golf, archery, tennis, cycling, volleyball, baseball and more!


In Pool

Camp Woodlands
Teens (13-21) June 20-25
Adults (30+) July 18-23
Young Adults (22-29) August 1-6

Camp Woodlands is a chance for children, teens and young adults to get the “ultimate summer camp experience” through a wide offering of our specialized and adapted summer camp activities. This camp is designed to introduce participants to as many recreational and hands-on activities as possible. We want to open minds and expand personal expectations through new experiences and increased confidence.


Boys With Ball

Camp Woodlands Jr. Day Camp
Ages 6-12
June 21-24

Camp Woodlands Jr. is an introductory day camp program suggested for ages of 6 to 12.  Each day, camp provides our youngest participants with an opportunity to explore a variety of activities, while developing lasting friendships with peers. Adapted recreational activities concentrate on music, nature, group dynamics and creative arts. 


Music Time

Notes from The Heart Music Camps
Young Adults (22-29) & Adults (30+) July 4-9
Teens (13-21) July 11-16

The Notes from the Heart music program prides itself on being the region’s premiere music experience for individuals with disabilities. Anyone, regardless of ability, proficiency, or previous experience can explore, create, perform, and engage with an art form that, in many other environments, often places virtuosic technical skill ahead of self-expression or the joy of creation.  Interacting with music in this “complete” way often leads to moving and fiercely personal creative expressions during programming; these experiences also develop strong personal life skills, most notably the development of self-advocacy and self-confidence.  



Camp Bloom
Ages 13-21
August 8-13

Building Lifestyles for Ongoing Opportunity and Movement (BLOOM) is a transitional life skills program for adolescents with and without disabilities.  While participating in the BLOOM program, typically developing peers take part  in recreational activities and role modeling which helps participants with special needs improve communication and social skills.  The typically developing peers benefit as well:  reverse inclusion helps to combat stereotypes about people with disabilities and encourages adolescents to embrace diversity and respect those who have challenges outside of their own experiences.  

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