The Mother-in-Law Conundrum [Infographic]



In most cases, the relationship between families of two newlyweds will be perfectly amicable, with the bride getting along serenely with her husband’s parents and, likewise, the bride’s parents taking a shine to the groom. This isn’t always the case, however, and some marriages could be tested if a mother-in-law of either the bride or groom takes exception to their offspring’s partner.

This infographic from Loyes Diamonds ( explores the various types of mother-in-law who could be problematic and offers some sensible advice on how to handle a difficult mother-in-law. For example, the mother-in-law relationship could be complicated if she is an authoritarian who feels the need to have the final say on everything, she disrespectfully trivializes something that is very important to you, she makes no effort to understand why her offspring might see some things different from her, or if her default reaction is to blame you for any chinks in the relationship with your partner.

Mothers-in-law such as these can be quite hard to bear, but by acting with maturity and understanding, you’ll almost certainly maintain an adequately healthy relationship to avoid severe conflict further down the line. It’s worth remembering that a fractious relationship with your mother-in-law is bound to be very hard on your partner, whose loyalties are split between two of the most central figures in their life. If your mother-in-law is frequently irritating or insulting, sit down with her and explain that her attitude isn’t helping, but do so in a manner that is respectful and not childish. You want a discussion that will uncover a resolution, not an argument that will descend into petty character assassination.

If the mother-in-law conundrum is something with which you’re all too familiar, it’s worth taking a look at the infographic below to see if you can find an approach that is likely to prompt respect and co-operation between all parties.