The Citizen Science Lab's Summer Camp

The Citizen Science Lab’s Hands-On Camps Make Summer Fun and Educational

Are you looking for a summer camp that is the perfect blend of fun and education? At The Citizen Science Lab, our summer science camps give kids of all ages insight into just how fun and exciting STEM and STEAM can be.

Our hands-on camps are available for grades 4 through 12. With a full range of science and engineering adventures, there’s sure to be something that excites and inspires the young scientist in your home.

Summer Science Camp include:

  • Drone Camp: Get ready for a week full of flight exercises, both entertaining and practical, where we learn how drones work and how to use them for scientific and recreational purposes.
  • Ancestry DNA: Campers learn DNA analysis techniques and walk away with unique, individualized knowledge about their own genetic makeup.
  • SeaPearch Camp: Dive into the world of underwater robotics for a thrilling, multidisciplinary learning experience in designing, building, and controlling sub-aquatic robots.
  • Zoology Camp: In this hands-on camp, young scientists build their experience with the world of animals, including observation, dissection, classification, and more.
  • Microbiology Camp: This memorable camp will change the way a young scientists thinks about microorganisms, and about our world.
  • DNA Camp: Gain a new level of understanding about the roles DNA plays in all aspects of life.

Our summer science camps are held at The Citizen Science Lab’s two locations: in the Energy Innovation Center in the heart of Pittsburgh, and at a brand new facility in the South Hills, in Bethel Park. Both locations also offer pre- and post-care, to make it convenient for parents or guardians to drop students off and pick them up on the way to and from work.

Both facilities are stocked with real, modern laboratory equipment and lab resources.  The labs also are home to resident “pets,” who include reptiles, friendly insects, and a saltwater aquarium of fish and sea creatures. Each lab location helps fulfill the mission of The Citizen Science Lab, to expose everybody to the excitement of laboratory experimentation, and to inspire kids of all ages and backgrounds to develop interest in STEM and STEAM careers and ideas.

Registration for the 2019 summer camps is already open and the labs are filling up quickly. Learn more about these summer camp options, and register your young scientist today.