The “Be Kind People Project” offers FREE online resources for every teacher in America

Bullying and cyberbullying rates are staggering—on average, one in three children have experienced some form of unwanted, aggressive, behavior.  There is a strong need for character education in the classroom, and The Be Kind People Project offers the solution through their virtual programs that keep students engaged as they learn and move with THE BE KIND CREW®.

Teachers across the nation are invited to join educators worldwide who already use The Be Kind People Project’s free online program, The BE KIND Break™.  The BE KIND Break offers free, ready-to-use lessons for students in grades K-8, that are written to national academic standards, STEAM and vetted by The Be Kind Education Council, a volunteer team of educators.

“We understand how busy teachers are,” says Bo Whittenton, Chief Services and Programs Officer for The Be Kind People Project, “we want to provide them with high quality, ready-to-use content they can use however they wish.”   Whittenton continues, “This free resource demonstrates an ongoing commitment to America’s teachers and to building a generation of respectful, responsible, and caring citizens and adults.”

The ten skills of the Be Kind Pledge™ are the foundation for teaching kindness to students.   Research has shown that strong pro-social skills demonstrated between the ages of 5-13 are predictors of future health, academic achievement, and economic contribution to communities.    The Be Kind Pledge teaches youth to be encouraging, positive, supportive, helpful, honest, thankful, considerate, respectful, responsible, and to be a friend.

When teachers access The BE KIND Break each month, they are virtually greeted by a member of THE BE KIND CREW who introduces them to a “BE KIND Move of the Month™” and a preview of that month’s social studies, civics, language arts, science, and math worksheets, which are fillable online or print-ready.

“The kids truly embrace the idea of being “kind kids” and it has greatly reduced our behavior problems. Having a different pledge skill each month makes it easy to implement and keeps the kids interested,” said Emily James, fifth grade teacher at Tavan Elementary School in the Scottsdale Unified School District.

In addition to the free resource, The Be Kind People Project offers a more comprehensive, premium online program, The BE KIND School™.

Founded in 2011, The Be Kind People Project is a charitable nonprofit based in Phoenix, Arizona focused on teaching positive solutions for conflict and the skills of being a kind person. Kindness is at the core of how people of all ages respect, communicate with, and treat others. Based on a Pledge of 10 kindness skills, The Be Kind People Project offers school assemblies, online learning programs, after school and summer classes, leadership conferences, school gardens, community service projects and family engagement programs. Most programs are led by members of THE BE KIND CREW, a group of 65 professional urban dancers and educators, who teach the skills of kindness to life through music, dance, and spoken word. The Be Kind People Project has nearly one million contacts annually with students, their teachers and their families nationwide.

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