Summer learning programs for kids

School Kids Reading Book Together In Library

With restrictions being lifted in so many areas, it is possible that your children may be able to participate in person in a summer program. Of course, the best would be a program that has an educational component especially in reading or math. Nevertheless, any opportunity to socialize with other children would be beneficial. 

Due to the Pandemic, many summer programs are opening with caution and have established protocols that must be followed. In addition, many have limited the number of children who can participate. If you want your children to enjoy a program this summer, you need to enroll them right away.

While one-on-one tutoring is most effective, it is also expensive. You will have to do a lot of online research to find the educational and recreational programs in your area. Start with the local public schools and libraries. Then look to the parks and recreational programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, local churches and the YMCA as well as community colleges. Most of these programs will be free or have a small fee.

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