Students use Special Forces to help other children

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When the Ries family, Jack (8), Will (7), and Declan (6), found themselves in a parents’ nightmare after an out-of-town car accident, parents Lindsay and Bill welcomed the distraction of Jared boxes for their young children that the hospital provided. The family of five recovered completely and used their experience to inspire a third grade service project at their children’s school, Blessed Francis Seelos Academy in Wexford. During the classroom Thanksgiving celebration, students had fun filling the boxes with small toys and activity books and decorating the outside for the next child in need. In all, the group created 52 boxes that were donated to the neighboring AHN Wexford Hospital and the Allegheny County Police Department.

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The police department plans to use the boxes when they respond to accidents or calls involving children. To show their gratitude, two of the county police officers, Officer Michael Feeney and Officer Joe Risher, along with Officer Chris Kowalcyzk of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, visited the school on Tuesday, November 30 with their SWAT vehicle. Students in first through fourth grades were able to tour “The Bear”, as the vehicle is referred to, learn about the officer’s roles, and how special equipment is used when situations arise. Officers Feeney and Kowalczyk are also parents to students at the Img 0981school.

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