“Street Smart Kidz” video game helps keep kids safe

“Street Smart Kidz” is a new video game designed to keep kids safe. While playing Street Smart Kidz, children (ages 3-11) are presented with potentially dangerous scenarios and asked questions regarding how to deal with those situations. They advance around the game board by successfully answering questions on topics such as staying away from drugs, avoiding strangers, dealing with bullies, and fire safety. Street Smart Kidz introduces virtual life lessons during a child's early years, and in doing so becomes part of their equipment for leading a good life. It helps arm children with tools they need to recognize unsafe situations and become "Street Smart."

Street Smart Kidz is very informative. There isn’t anything else like it out there. Too many other video games involve guns and killing and chasing. You see these games that kids play where you have to shoot at the TV. I just thought enough was enough. I wanted to create something different, something with a positive message. Being taught the value of protecting yourself is important.

I encourage parents to sit down with their children and play this game because one question is going to lead to a discussion and more questions. If the value of protection is taught in the home, kids will carry that lesson throughout their life. It will become ingrained. This game isn’t a cure-all for the dangers of the world we live in, but it’s a positive tool — especially if you start when kids are little.

"I’m happy to be part of the Street Smart Kidz team,” said Zco Corporation Executive Vice President Don Austin, who worked directly with Mrs. Thompson on the game’s design. “To me, it’s much more than a game. It’s more of a fun teaching tool. I use it for teaching my daughter about safety and behavior."

Rosemarie Thompson of Valencia, PA, a retired U.S. Postal Service worker who is a mother of three and grandmother to seven, has created a video game designed to help keep children safe. Known as Street Smart Kidz, the video game was produced in conjunction with Zco Corporation of Nashua, NH, and is now available as an app via iTunes and Google Play for $1.99.