Staying home with your Kids? Resources for education and entertainment

Stay Home With Children

Parents across America have seen major changes to their daily routines over the last year and a half. Instead of sending kids off to school in the morning while they headed to the office, many families had to spend their time indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This new arrangement put many parents in a bind as parents had to worry about keeping their family safe and making sure that their kids didn’t miss out on valuable learning experiences while they were home. If your kids are still learning remotely, these resources courtesy of Pittsburgh Parent will help you put your family’s safety first while your kids continue learning and having fun at home. 

Staying safe at home

How can you reduce your children’s chances of catching the virus? What should you do to make sure that your kids are safe at home, especially when you’re not around? Check out these safety and hygiene guides for practical advice. 

  • Teach your kids how to properly wash their hands so that they don’t get sick. Practice with them, and make sure this becomes a regular habit!
  • With your family spending more time at home, your safety concerns might extend beyond the virus itself. For peace of mind, ensure that your home’s security system is up to date, and consider replacing it if necessary. 
  • Naturally, you want to know that your kids will be safe even if you have to run errands or go to work. Teach them how to call 911 in case of a serious emergency. 

Keeping up with your child’s curriculum

It can be tough for kids to adjust to online learning, and even your older children might need some assistance from you. Here are a few resources that will help you brush up on homeschooling techniques.  

  • For young kids, it can be tough to pay attention to digital lessons, but they might have an easier time picking up new information if you read out loud to them. 
  • Even if your children’s teachers are sending you materials for long-distance learning, you might be interested in creating your own lesson plans to help your child understand certain topics. 
  • Looking for ready-made courses that go beyond what your child’s teacher is discussing in the virtual classroom? These online STE(A)M courses are great for curious kids of all ages. 

Make learning fun

While you should definitely make time each day for traditional educational activities and lessons, you can also explore creative modes of learning during this time. These resources will help you come up with fresh ideas to keep your kids learning!

  • It’s time to get creative – and messy! If your child misses their art classes, painting will give them a way to express themselves. 
  • Want to help your child improve their logic skills while having fun? Challenge each other with entertaining indoor games!
  • You can also take advantage of this extra free time at home to help your kids learn valuable life skills. For instance, you can help your older kids pick up some basic cooking skills. 
  • You and your child can explore making some extra cash by starting your own e-commerce business (Zenbusiness has some tips on starting a business during your spare time). 

Get active in the backyard

Of course, it’s important to keep your children on track with their schoolwork, but they also need some time to play. If you’d rather not take them to the local park or playground right now, you can transform your backyard into an oasis!

  • Want to encourage your children to spend more time playing outside? Pick up some unique new backyard toys! 
  • Backyard games can be fun for the whole family. No matter how old your kids are, you can find a game that will make everyone want to participate!
  • Keep the outdoor fun going at night and in cooler weather with a DIY fire pit. 

If you’re feeling confused about how to make smart parenting decisions right now, it’s completely understandable – nobody anticipated these circumstances. By using these resources as reference points, you’ll be able to protect the health and wellbeing of your children, teach them useful skills, and motivate them to stay active!

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