Some simple tips for gardening with the toddlers 


It becomes important when you are a guardian or a parent to nurture your toddler’s curiosity and creativity, even if it means that their hands will get dirty, literally. 

With this in mind, it can be challenging to work in your garden while looking after your toddler. After all toddlers want to be let outside and explore new things, which is something you do not want to suppress. However the challenge is to make sure they might hurt themselves or grab something they shouldn’t when you aren’t looking. Therefore keeping your baby safe also includes keeping them clean. 

Before you go outside with your baby make sure you have plenty of wipes and your baby is wearing an absorbent and comfortable diaper. Baby wipes made with bamboo fibers are the best natural baby wipes you can buy, and since they are biodegradable, they are eco-friendly. Also disposable bamboo diapers will help keep your baby dry and comfortable while exploring your garden. Next we will walk you through more simple tips for gardening with toddlers. 

Creative and simple tips for gardening with toddlers

It can be as simple as letting your toddler into the garden or to teach them to actively participate in the process of looking after the plants. Don’t let your fear curb your kid’s endless curiosity to understand the world you live in. Here’s how you can enjoy gardening with toddlers.

Make a garden plan 

First, allocating your toddler’s area to experiment is a great place to start while devising a garden plan. Once that is done, let your child decide what plants they’d like to grow in that space. Do they have a favorite vegetable? Help them sow that in their garden space and help them look after it. 

Give them small and harmless tools such as play shovels or large kitchen utensils used in gardening. Your knowledge and their curiosity will nurture the plants they decide to sow. That way, they will be getting their hands dirty in a healthy manner. 

Use bamboo baby Best natural baby wipes are available to clean them up. And if accidents happen, your disposable bamboo diapers will help. 

Garden theme 

One of the first things your child learns is to recognize their senses and identify objects using them. The same can be done in the garden, where your kid will grow plants that improve their sensory stimuli. 

Grow a plant that has a different texture in its leaves. A plant that produces fruits or flowers to taste and smell, such as herbs. Plants can help in visual identification. The leaves’ movement due to the breeze; all of these are viable exercises that will make gardening a fun learning activity for your toddler. 

Other garden themes include sowing seeds of plants that belong to the same plant family, such as legumes or carrots. You can help your child color code their seeds so that the resultant fruit or flowers in their patch bear a resemblance to one another in one or the other way. 

Maintenance of gardens 

Your children are the owners of their space. This means that they have responsibilities like the following that they can adhere to while looking after their plants:

  • Garden journal: Journaling the progress the plants are making is a great way to record a plant and its life cycle. 
  • Garden helpers: Bugs, worms, and butterflies are among the few creatures in the garden ecosystem. Teaching about them to your children will help them understand how they help and what role they play in your toddler’s garden. 
  • Garden maintenance: Weeding, routine watering, usage of compost, etc., all fall under the umbrella of maintenance that your child can be taught about. 
  • Harvest: Helping your kids reap the fruits of their harvest will help them understand the plant life cycle. Additionally, they will also get the benefit of their hard work. 

Summing up 

All of the above key points play a leading role in your child’s gardening growth while keeping your toddler’s hygiene intact. That is done, thanks to the best natural baby wipes and disposable bamboo diapers that are safe on your child’s skin and safe for nature too. Both instill the deep care for nature that you show in your garden. 

Dr. Sharon Fried Buchalter is a Ph. D holder and a distinguished Clinical Psychologist, life coach, public speaker, hypnotherapist, and author. Dr. Sharon has also worked as a marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker, corporate training and development manager, and career counselor. Through her Clinical Psychology background as well as Management background; She brings a unique blend of experience which has enabled her to develop mindful natural products that are eco-friendly, and help people lead less stressful healthier lives, within the baby and sun care market.