Share your dreams and support March of Dimes – A month-long campaign to provide mittens for the tiniest dreamers



We all have Big Dreams. For ourselves, our children, our community and our planet. And it’s time we start sharing them. By giving our dreams a voice, the universe can get to work manifesting those dreams into reality. And sharing our dreams out loud will inspire others to Dream Big, creating a more connected and supportive world. 

Goumi, makers of premium infant apparel and accessories, is encouraging everyone to share their Big Dreams and help provide a healthy start for the next generation of dreamers. They’ve partnered with March of Dimes to launch the Dream Big Campaign.

From August 1 – 31, 2019, simply share your dreams out loud and Goumi will make a donation in your honor. For every dream shared publicly on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #GoumiDreamBig, Goumi will donate a pair of their signature preemiemitts to NICUs and babies who need them most through March of Dimes.

Supporting the smallest dreamers is easy:

  1. Post your Big Dream on IG or Facebook using the hashtag #GoumiDreamBig, along with why you’re sharing your dreams out loud. Feel free to tag @marchofdimes and @goumikids.
  2. Encourage and challenge others to share their big dreams to help the smallest among us thrive.
  3. Get inspired as you read others’ dreams and see the inspiration spread! 
  4. Goumi will donate a pair of preemiemitts for every post with the hashtag #GoumiDreamBig.


Join Goumi and March of Dimes to cultivate inspiration and hope for the world while helping the smallest dreamers thrive.

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