Set the right course for your child’s success in kindergarten and beyond with the Early Learning GPS (Guiding Parents Smoothly)


What do you do if your baby won’t stop crying?  Is TV good for toddlers? You like your child’s preschool teacher, but is that enough to make sure he’s ready for kindergarten?

When you have a young child, questions like these come up every day. You want what’s best for your child, and you want to prepare them for kindergarten, but may not know what you need to know or even where to start.

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children’s Early Learning GPS can help. GPS stands for Guiding Parents Smoothly and it will help guide you through what you need to know and can do to help your child grow. It’s great for anyone who has a young child in their life- grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors.

The 10-question quiz (don’t worry, there’s no judging or scores here) helps you make good choices that can affect your child’s brain, your child’s development, you and your child, and when your child is not with you. When you answer a question, you receive simple tips and links to other resources. All of the information is from reliable resources like the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning. You can start wherever you like and come back as often as you’d like. There is even a short worksheet that highlights the tips where you can jot down what you’d like to do with what you’ve learned. The GPS is also narrated, so you can listen as well as read. Great after a long day!

Infant and toddler versions are available now, with the preschooler version coming this spring. Visit to watch a short video on the GPS and get started.

Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children is a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of providing young children with quality early learning opportunities. Pennsylvania’s Promise for Children is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Build Initiative, The Heinz Endowments, William Penn Foundation, The Grable Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Early Learning Keys to Quality For more information, visit