Saltworks Studio 2020


Saltworks Studio is a place to imagine, explore, and create! Our classes, camps, and workshops offer youth a warm, welcoming, and relaxed environment to dream up and perform original pieces of theater that range from silly improvised scenes to plays about the change our students would like to see in their world. With an emphasis on having fun, positive attitudes, and collaboration, our programming encourages students to improve theater and communication skills at their own pace, whether they’re brand new to acting or have been involved for years.

This summer we’re offering two different opportunities: a Five Minute Play Festival where students will write, direct, and design brand new plays and a one week day camp where students will develop theater skills and work together to create original performances.

We also offer fall and spring classes as well as year-round workshops! All programming takes place in Oakland and scholarships are available. For more information check out our website,, or find us on social media (as Saltworks Theatre Company). You can also call (412) 621-6150 ext. 205 or email We’d love to hear from you!

Five Minute Play Festival

Ages 10-16

July 20-24

Monday-Thursday 9:00-3:30, $50/day

Friday 1:00-7:00, free to all participants

Students can attend any number of these workshops. Monday we’ll write the plays, Tuesday we’ll learn about directing, Wednesday we’ll design lights, sound, costumes, and sets, Thursday we’ll have an acting class, and Friday we’ll rehearse and perform the plays written, directed, and designed by our students!

Play in a Week Camp

Ages 10-16

August 3-7, 9:00-3:30, $220

Students will work in small groups to create original plays in just one week. They’ll rely on their imaginations and creativity as well as daily prompts and challenges. Students will also develop theater skills through warmups, games, electives, and other large group activities. We’ll end the week with a showcase of our plays!