Remaking Tomorrow: What comes next?

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This spring, we partnered with KnowledgeWorks and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to convene the Remaking Tomorrow Panel on Innovative Teaching and Learning: a group of educators, administrators, OST providers, and caregivers who came together to deeply investigate pandemic-era teaching and learning in western Pennsylvania and across the state. Their new report captures the practices that sparked learning innovation during the pandemic, conditions that fed existing educational inequities, and potential actions to address these issues and sustain positive change post-pandemic.

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Seizing the Moment

Dive deeper into the process behind the new Remaking Tomorrow report and the key questions posed by the Panel on Innovative Teaching and Learning: How can we dissolve the artificial borders that currently keep school districts siloed from one another? How can we create policy that supports collaboration between schools, organizations, and the community? What if we ensured all pre-service educators got experience with anti-racist curriculum? Learn more in our latest blog.

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