Ready, Set, School!
Six Tips for Making a Smooth Back to School Transition



1. Forge friendships
Host a few short and sweet play dates for your child’s bus or carpool buddies and classmates during the summer and in the first month after school starts. This will provide ample opportunities for him to make friends.

2. Encourage self-expression
Allow your student to choose her own school supplies—as long as they meet the teacher’s requirements. Buy, customize, or recycle a backpack your learner can get really excited about and can’t wait to use.

3. Celebrate learning
Indulge in your child’s passions and allow her to choose a special learning bonus item as a back-to-school surprise. One idea is Highlights™ Big Fun Activity Books, which include over 250 pages of imaginative puzzling, humor, and whimsical illustrations that engage children and help them to build confidence. These books are part of Highlights’ new line of learning materials, developed in collaboration with education experts, but with puzzles and humor to engage kids more deeply and in a way they can truly enjoy.

4. Calm the jitters
Read and discuss books about going to school as a way to reduce fears and ease worries. Plan a special celebration to mark the end of summer.

5. Establish a kid-smart schedule
Start your evening wind-down earlier each night over a two-week period and do the same for wakeups. Save morning stress by having outfits ready to choose from and by deciding on lunch the night before.

6. Designate a “school stuff” zone
Choose a location—a chair in your child’s room or a spot near the front door—to stash all school belongings. This makes it easy for your little learner to stay organized.