R.E.A.A.D.Y. announces a bold, new initiative to help students

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The REAADY Foundation announces a new initiative with the continuing goal of helping students and our communities during these unprecedented times.

The Open-Door Mentor Program

This new program will connect qualified, displaced and retired teachers or qualified educational instructors with students who will be participating in online classes at home due to COVID-19. Following CDC guidelines, teachers will offer one-on-one guidance to supplement students’ online sessions, assisting them with comprehending their classwork and navigating their online courses in the safety of their own homes.

With the start of the school year just a few weeks away, many parents are once again faced with either giving up their jobs, or working from home while also trying to help their child(ren) participate and understand their online classes for up to six hours a day.

The REAADY foundation will customize a program to meet the unique needs of each individual family. The foundation will provide quality instructors with all required state clearances who will meet with middle or high school aged students 3 to 5 days a week for a period of at least 3 hours a day.

Ken Nickel, founder of the REAADY Foundation says he’s eager to help schools during this challenging time. “We see this program as a triple win: a win for the students who will be empowered to succeed, a win for school districts where education will be enhanced through the use of blended learning, and a win for parents who will have time to focus on their financial responsibility at a critical time.”

For more information or to submit a question, visit reaadyfoundation.org and you will receive a personal response from a foundation board member. Interested parents or students, may complete an online application and waiver by visiting the Interested Parents & Students section of  https://reaadyfoundation.org/open-door-mentor-program. To serve as a mentor with the Open-Door Mentor program, please complete an online application and waiver by visiting the How to be a Mentor section of  https://reaadyfoundation.org/open-door-mentor-program. Once applications are submitted, you will be contacted by a foundation board member.

Editor’s note: The Pittsburgh-based R.E.A.A.D.Y. Foundation’s mission includes helping students, giving back to the community, and partnering with local businesses to assist in our initiatives. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the R.E.A.A.D.Y. Foundation is committed to helping all students, and recognizes that many children do not have equal access to technology and educational support for online learning in the home. The foundation continues to bridge this divide so that all students can have equal access and opportunities for a quality learning experience.