Providence Heights Alpha School 2020


Students can participate in a variety of afterschool activities and athletics teams and have the option to engage in competitive academic competitions. Our students have won Championships in soccer and forensics and consistently achieve first place positions at PJAS and PRSEF. For the artistically inclined, we offer a Band program, have an annual musical production, a mixed grade group of singers who perform during our chapel time, afterschool piano and guitar lessons. For the literary minded, we have book clubs as young as kindergarten, a library with more than 7000 books, an accelerated reading and writing program, and even a visiting therapy dog who loves to listen to a good book!

In today’s modern age, we have placed high emphasis on innovating and mindfully engaging with developing technologies and trends in STEM. Our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, laptops, Dell and Apple computers, and iPads. We have two designated Science Labs, a designated Computer technology lab, and a designated STEM lab for investigative learning. Our curriculum is a careful balance of the traditional and the cutting edge. For almost 100 years we have been preparing and sending students to all high school options in our area and maintain relationships with both them and the schools they select. These high schools visit us to actively engage our Middle Grade students knowing they are successful, motivated, and outstanding young people.


Beyond our academic life, we challenge our students to become kind, compassionate leaders. We utilize a buddy program, a service club, a student council program, and offer awards to students who go above and beyond in  community service. We engage closely with our Sister School in Burkina Faso, Africa, as pen pals and partners. Our goal is to promote whole child development physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically. We know that this is not truly possible without the support, care and presence of their families. We invite you into our school and our daily lives as volunteers and as the lead voice in your child’s learning experience.


While the Sisters of Divine Providence no longer teach in our school, they are present in our classrooms and our daily lives giving guidance and calling us to always welcome a mixed faith community. To learn more visit or schedule a private tour at