PIttsburgh Kids' Favorite Places

There are so many opportunities for kids today from camp options to recreation activities to sporting events. It makes one wonder, if asked, what would be a child’s favorite thing to do. Now, this question encompasses everything from what is your favorite activity to where would be your favorite place to go. So we asked. And Pittsburgh kids answered.

Dale, age three

“Hershey. I like to eat candy. “

Morgan, age five

“I like to go to the Clay Cottage. I get to pick something to paint that is mine to keep forever. I painted a mug at Christmas time. I use it every morning.”

Isabelle, age six
“I like Kennywood. I like to eat ice cream at Kennywood.”

Kailey, age eight
“My favorite thing to do is ice skating at North Park. My mom grew up ice skating at the same place. Now, I get to do it.”

Caleb, age nine
“I like bowling. Bowling alleys have a concession stand almost always. So if I’m hungry, I can almost always have a bite to eat. Some bowling alleys have an arcade. So after bowling and eating, I can press my luck with a great game.”

Ethan, age ten
“My favorite place to go is the ice rink in Delmont. I play hockey so that’s good practice. I can teach my little brother how to skate better, too. “

Josh, age ten
“I love PNC Park. I love baseball and love to watch the Pirates play. “It’s really exciting when they hit a ball in your direction. I like to see the Pirates win, but if they lose, it’s still fun to watch.”

Erin, age eleven

“I like the Science Center. One time we sat in this seat that shakes and makes you feel like you’re in an out of control earthquake.”

Cameron, age eleven
“I like to go to the Aviary in Pittsburgh. It is fun to see all of the exotic birds there. It was cool to see an owl curled up in a ball on the ground sleeping. It looked like a rock.”

Veronica, age twelve
“My favorite place near Pittsburgh is Living Treasures Animal Park. It has animals that the zoo doesn’t have like wolves, dingoes, oxen and prairie dogs. It has machines next to each exhibit that are similar to gumball machines. You put in a quarter, turn the handle and some treats come out. You put the treats down a tube and into the animal’s cage.”

Max, age fifteen

“Victory Stables. One really cold night we were at Victory Stables. There were two little boys near the barn, just doing nothing. They were exploring and having so much fun even though it was cold. I looked at them having so much fun and said to my mom, ‘Mom, that is the way it is supposed to be. Look how much fun they’re having doing nothing in particular.’”

Mary Jo Rulnick is an author and freelance writer from Pittsburgh.