Pennsylvania is the 3rd best state to raise your family 

New research ranks Pennsylvania the 3rd best state for families. Home is more than just the place you live: the state you call home can have a significant impact on your family’s mental health. Across the US, mental health care varies widely.

A new study has revealed that Therapist marketplace Zencare conducted a study to visualize and compare all of the states and to see which are the best for you and your family to live. All of the states have been ranked using various factors, such as cost of living, diversity, and graduation rate.

Besides ranking 3rd as the best state to raise a family, Pennsylvania also offers accessible hospitals, opportunity, and a low divorce rate. These factors are attributed to increasing mental wellness.

Zencare examine eight environmental factors that influence mental health, from the cost of living to divorce rate, to see which states rank best for your family’s mental health. We’ve ranked each state from 1-50, in order of best to worst. The lower the score, the better they rank!

Key findings

New Jersey comes in as the number one best state to live in the US for your family’s mental health in 2022. Data has shown that symptoms of mental illness among adults in New Jersey (16.14%) are lower than the national average in the US (21.1%).

1 Additionally, New Jersey’s geographic position offers access to some of the best mental health treatment across the river in New York. With a low divorce rate, high hospital availability, and diverse population, New Jersey also provides a unique opportunity for families to live close to parks, all of which can increase mental wellness.

In second place is Illinois. This state offers a range of living opportunities from bustling cities to rural areas surrounded by lakes and parks which can help you and your family to get away from it all. In Illinois, housing rent is consistently lower than the national average. Mental health care ranks towards the middle of our list for Illinois, but a low divorce rate, easy access to hospitals and parks help this state move to second place.

Coming in at third place is Pennsylvania. The state also features many of the same positive factors as New Jersey including having great access to mental health care. One of the key factors which may drive families to move to Pennsylvania is the low cost of living and low income tax. Rent prices are also low compared to states, averaging 50-70% lower prices across the board.

Michigan comes in at fourth and with Minnesota in fifth. Some states which are lower in the overall list, however, may shine in some of the factors we’ve implemented!

For example, California ranks first for the lowest divorce rate nationwide and has high population diversity, while it ranks at the very bottom for opportunity rankings and cost of living. With such extremes, it’s no wonder that California ranks in the middle for overall mental health.

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