Pennsylvania Author Holly Jacobs Talks: Parties

Let’s talk parties.  And who better to ask some questions than Holly Jacobs, author of Confessions of a Party Crasher.  This mom of four children and fiction writer of more than twenty-two novels dishes out her thoughts and humor about parties.

Question: What makes a party a hit for you?

  • Holly:  I’ll confess. When I go to parties, I very much prefer casual ones. I don’t need people to be dressed to the nines. Because if they’re dressed to the nines, I’ll have to shoot for at least a seven…and that takes work. Most days, I dress at a five, at best.

Question: There are times when you walk into a party and you wished you would’ve said, “No” to the RSVP. What creates a party atmosphere that makes you happy you said, “Yes”?

  • Holly: I don’t want fancy food, or decorations. Good food, good friends and family and good conversation. That’s what makes me happy I said yes, to a party.

Question: Once the party starts, what do you think is the host’s most important role to create a successful party?

  • Holly: I think hosts need to remember to have fun, as well.  It’s a party. Mingle. Enjoy the people you invited. If you don’t enjoy it, well, why throw a party in the first place?

Question: What is something one of your characters did at a party that makes you, as an author, wonder “could I do that?”

  • Holly: In Confessions of a Party Crasher, my heroine Markie is back in her hometown and her mother offers her a night on the town. Markie doesn’t exactly jump at the opportunity, but she goes along for the ride.  Once she’s there and realizes that her mother crashed the party–which means she’s an inadvertent party crasher, too—her good time evaporates. 

Question: So you’ve never crashed a party?

  • Holly: I’ve never felt inclined to crash a party. That’s the great part about being a writer. I can try things out in a book—things I’d never try in real life.  After crashing with my character Markie, I realized I was right. I am not party crasher material. But, it was fun to put my heroine through it.

In 2011, Holly Jacobs had 22 books reprinted in the United States and Overseas.  Her latest release is Everything But a Mother. Visit Holly at