Oakland Catholic High School 2020

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Oakland Catholic High School

Oakland Catholic High School, a Roman Catholic school, dedicates itself to providing a value-oriented, college preparatory education for young women in an atmosphere that regards the Churchʼs values as catalysts for action.

We serve several constituencies: The Bishop and the Diocese of Pittsburgh, the students and parents, and the broader community. Aware of the dignity of students in our care, we fulfill our mission by developing their spiritual, intellectual, and personal potential. Spirituality, Scholarship, and Service represent the focal points of our mission and philosophy.

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Set in the heart of the cityʼs academic, cultural and healing center, Oakland Catholic High School offers students opportunities that come in todayʼs urban setting while inspiring them to prepare for tomorrowʼs global needs. We offer a variety of courses that challenge each student to achieve her fullest potential. We develop the analytical and independent thinking skills that are needed for a lifetime of learning. We teach decision-making grounded in morality. We promote a respect for God, self, and others through retreats, liturgy, prayer, and service opportunities.

Rooted in Gospel values, the Oakland Catholic community holds itself and its students accountable for the development of healthy, creative, and expressive women who are encouraged to use their God-given talents in pursuits that satisfy both personal and communal needs.

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The Oakland Catholic Difference

Our world is constantly changing in profound ways. Education must prepare students to navigate this evolving world with intelligence, competence, poise, and grace. At Oakland Catholic, different ethnicities, neighborhoods, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds blend in the joint effort of becoming confident, ethical, global leaders of tomorrow who will serve as their generation’s agents of change. For a minimal investment, Oakland Catholic High School offers a world-class education that prepares for the future.

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