Newborns know more than we think

Worldwide, 255 babies are born every minute, which adds up to almost 129 million newborns every year, according to UNICEF. That number also adds up yearly to millions of nervous new parents.

What do they have to be nervous about? Most adults have the impression of a newborn as a totally dependent new life that cannot do anything on its own.

To some extent that is an accurate picture; a newborn cannot feed itself or keep itself from drowning in just inches of water. However, Born Wise shares Lena Dyhrberg’s discovery through her decades of experience as a family health nurse that newborns and little children understand, sense, and respond much more than adults realize. This shift in perspective means that parents must communicate with newborns and children rather than to them.

“I have found that children understand much more than the average new parent knows they understand, from sensing how the parent feels to reacting to changes in close surroundings,” Dyhrberg said.

A mother of three and a family health nurse for three and a half decades, Dyhrberg understands the challenges of parenting. Luckily, her experience has shown her that children teach their parents just as much as parents teach children, so the care of the next generation is about learning on the job.

“When children are born into this world the common thought for parents is that they must teach their kids everything, but children teach their parents, too,” Dyhrberg said. “Parents learn to really be aware of their emotions and reactions when they have newborns and little children.”

Aside from the nature aspect of babies being born wise, Dyhrberg also stresses that nurturing through close physical contact helps child development.

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Lena Dyhrberg owns a private family health care company, has worked as a family health nurse for 35 years, and is the author of several books, articles, and papers. Lena is married with three children and four grandchildren. Born in 1948 in Fredericia, Denmark, she currently lives in Nyborg, Denmark.