Must-haves for your Tween’s Birthday Party

5 Must Haves For Your Tween Birthday Party (1)

When your kids were smaller, all they needed was a cake and a few presents. Things aren’t like that anymore. If you have tweens, you want to have the following five must-haves at their birthday parties.

1. Photo booth

Tweens like to take a lot of pictures. They probably have phones to take pictures, so there’s no need to hire a photographer unless you want to go all out, but what you can do is give them somewhere to take a picture.

This is why you should have a photo booth set up for the guests and the birthday tween to take pictures in. You can have one or a number of them if you want to give them a few choices. You can be the photographer so that the birthday kid can take pictures with friends. Maybe you can have these pictures printed on your printer if you have enough photo paper for the kids.

2. Dancing game

Tweens want to have fun, but they don’t want a jump house anymore. This might make you feel uncertain about what to do. Well, if you give them a reason to dance, then you’re golden.

Yes, you can look for DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) rentals so that your tweens can have a reason to dance. The game is quite addictive, and it does make you move. Tweens can challenge each other, and you can make it an official competition by offering a prize to the winner. Anyone can play the game, so you can even join in the fun if you feel up for it.

3. Scavenger hunt

If you have the time to do this, then make sure you do. A scavenger hunt is exciting for tweens, and it gives everyone something to do for some time. Of course, this depends on how complex you make the scavenger hunt, but it’s still fun.

What you’ll be doing is placing clues throughout your home or around your neighborhood for your tweens to follow. You can split everyone into groups if you want, or let them all work together towards the end goal. The prize at the end could be anything, from the actual birthday cake to just some prize you want to give one of the tweens there. Creating a scavenger hunt does take some time, so start early.

4. The dare

Tweens love a little danger, not too much, but something that feels thrilling. This is the reason you need a game that’s going to push your tween’s buttons a little bit. A fear factor game is easy to set up and pretty fun. You can do things like give the players a carton of hard-boiled eggs with a few raw eggs in there.

Each tween will have to crack the egg over their heads. It’s almost like Russian roulette, except it’s not that crazy but still fun. You can also blindfold each tween and dare them to reach into a box without knowing what’s inside. Place creepy items in the box, like something fuzzy or cold spaghetti. Since they can’t see what’s inside, their imaginations are going to do the rest.

5. B-movie

The B-movie is the perfect addition to any tween birthday party. These movies are so over the top and crazy that they might be the perfect movie for a group of tweens. There are many titles to choose from, like Killer Klowns From Outer Space and many others.

Now, you must watch these movies beforehand to make sure you’re okay with the content. It may also be a good idea to talk to the kids’ parents who’ll watch the movie with your tweens. Just make sure they are okay with the content you’ll be showing them. B-movies come in many genres, so you’ll find one that works if you take your time.

Hopefully, some of these ideas help guide you in the right direction, but all of these are great options. Run them by your tweens to find out if they feel good about your choices or if you need to keep hunting for something else.