Montessori Alumni Inspire a love os STEM among current students

Unknown 1 10.28.07 Am

Western Pennsylvania Montessori School hosted young robotics engineers from North Catholic High School on Valentines Day for a demonstration on what opportunities may lay ahead for those students with a love for STEM.

Western Pennsylvania Montessori School (WPMS) hosted the North Catholic High School Robotics Team on February 14, 2020 to introduce their robot and some basic coding concepts.  This outreach activity was led by North Catholic student and WPMS alumni, Annie Garbulinski.  Annie and her brother John Garbulinski were excited to bring their Robotics team to their former school to help other young minds get excited about STEM opportunities for learning.

The robotics team taught WPMS students about coding using trains they have named “LEGO Duplo” and “LEGO Boost”.

“WPMS loves to open its doors to alumni who are excited to share their love of learning with the next generation of Montessori students.   The Robotics team mission is such a great fit for our students who are already incorporating creativity, leadership, grace, and curiosity into their everyday works!” explains Jamie Campbell, the head of school for WPMS.

The mission of the robotics program at NC is building students of creativity, leadership, and professionalism – connecting them to a future enlightened by their STEM experiences. We aim to accomplish this by investing students in FIRST Robotics, a wholistic program in which teams of students design, build and compete with their robots. It’s about more than just robots. It is about sharpening character traits such as gracious professionalism. It’s about networking with peers and industry professionals from around the globe. And, it’s about problem solving in a project-based learning environment. At NC, students can get involved with two FIRST programs, First Tech Challenge (FTC) and First Robotics Competition (FRC).  For more information, visit:



Over 50 years ago, WPMS became the first non-profit organization to bring the Montessori education to the Pittsburgh region.  Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing atmosphere in which each child may develop and grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically at their own pace by receiving a well-rounded experience based on Montessori Philosophy.  We have three schedules to meet the needs of our families with programs for children aged 20 months to six years of age.  For more information, visit: