Mama Bear Effect launches new resource to combat child sexual abuse


Parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists now have a new tool to educate the most vulnerable population of children, those who need specialized assistance with learning and communication.

Research has revealed children with disabilities are 3.4 times more likely to experience sexual abuse compared to children without disabilities. This risk carries into adulthood with men experiencing abuse at rates estimated as high as 80 percent and 90 percent for women. 

Sadly, many children are not educated properly about the private areas of their body or appropriate behaviors; combined with numerous caregivers and people involved in their care and education, it becomes easy for sexual abuse to be perpetrated. Children often lack the understanding to realize what is happening to them is not right and do not have the language or tools to communicate abuse. 

That nonprofit organization, The Mama Bear Effect, is looking to change that by offering free downloadable Communication Cards for teaching children about their bodies, personal boundaries, and appropriate/inappropriate behaviors, and additional resources for parents and caregivers of children with special needs.

“We have the knowledge to understand the sexual abuse of children is a serious problem, and even more so for children with physical disabilities and other diagnoses that increase interactions with others for their care, transportation, and education, such as Autism or Down’s Syndrome,” said Adrianne Simeone, President and Founder of The Mama Bear Effect. “It is an injustice that this issue is not being addressed on a larger scale, and that these children who are citizens of our country are not being educated on their rights and protections to live free from sexual abuse.”

Adrianne Simeone, President, Founder of The Mama Bear Effect, explains, “Too often it seems professionals hesitate bringing up sexual abuse prevention with parents and caregivers because they feel their plates are full with everyday tasks, appointments, etc. However, it’s important to change the way we think about teaching children body safety and take steps to reduce risk – it’s not a burden on parents, but rather another way to keep children safe and give them the support they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. These communication cards are a simple, free tool that caregivers and educators can customize to each child’s ability to give them the language and knowledge they need to advocate for themselves.”

Upon reviewing these new resources, Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine shared, “We would like to thank The Mama Bear Effect for developing these very important Body Safety Communication Cards to serve the Special Needs Community.”

A nationally focused nonprofit with the mission to prevent child sexual abuse, The Mama Bear Effect offers an educational website geared toward parents, as well as down-to-earth educational brochures and tools for community advocacy.

Courtesy of GLOBE Newswire