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CodeWizardsHQ Summer Coding Camps and Classes

Academic, Computer, Gifted, Robotics, Science
Live Online, Virtual, TX 78681
City or Area From: Virtual
County: Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, Westmoreland County, Out of Area, Out of State

Learn to code from the best this summer! CodeWizardsHQ offers the most fun (and effective!) coding camps and classes for ages 8-18. Hands-on and interactive learning, highly customizable projects, and engaging coding-professional educators make for an experience that students love and really learn from. Their 1-week coding camps teach programming concepts using your kids’ favorite games, Minecraft and Roblox. This is perfect for turning your gamer into a programmer. In their 3-week summer coding classes students can learn Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Scratch, Java and more while building fun games and applications.  These classes are perfect for any student who would like to build their coding skills and digital literacy while having a great time doing it. Best of all – no driving! Attend from home and learn from a coding-professional. Beginners and advanced coders alike are welcome (placement testing available). Save $50 if you enroll before May 1st! Learn more at: https://www.codewizardshq.com/summer/

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