How to Keep Weight Off During the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, managing your waist line may have you as frustrated as the lines you encounter while shopping for gifts. Beyond celebratory meals and seasonal snacks aplenty at work and home, the holidays notoriously leave little time for you to focus on managing your weight.

However, by following these three tips, you can be on your way to keeping the weight off and head into the new year a healthier you.

  1. Eat Smart. Though the temptations abound, be cautious about portion sizes. When possible use a smaller plate, which will prevent you from over-loading. Before heading out to a party, eat a quick bowl of soup or a salad. Low in calories, these pre-party munchies will take the edge off your hunger and help you moderate your consumption. And speaking of consumption, be sure to limit alcoholic beverages, which can quickly multiply your caloric intake.
  2. Get Sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to eating more junk food, and it can negatively impact your metabolism, making it harder to properly process what you eat. A comfortable and supportive mattress and pillow can help you sleep soundly, awake refreshed and feel less stressed. Mattress Firm experts warn that older mattresses and pillows have absorbed sweat, dust mites and dander that can aggravate allergies and affect sleep. Replace your mattress every eight years and your pillows every two years for optimum health and support. Also, take a few moments to relax before bed each night, to allow your body time to adjust and settle in for the night.
  3. Stay Active. Though the demands on your time are many, seek out ways to keep your body moving, not only to keep muscles toned until you can resume your usual workout schedule, but also to help burn those extra calories. After dinner with the family, take a walk around the neighborhood or through a nearby park. Or, arrange a game of touch football or dodge ball and invite the whole family to play. If you find yourself with random blocks of time, say while the pies are in the oven, grab a few minutes to exercise inside with sit ups or leg lifts or even jogging in place.

With a little bit of special attention to taking care of yourself through the holiday months, you can manage your weight and feel great about kicking off 2013 in great shape.

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