How to help your family adjust to work from home

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The world is fast evolving. So are the needs and demands of work. With the onset of the COVID pandemic the workplace has taken a drastic turn. More and more jobs are being executed from home. And it has become the new norm.

In my opinion I don’t feel it is going to go away. Work from home is here to stay. 

So, what does these changes mean to our family. Especially to our children. 

To put it in a simple sentence… 

Less boundaries more restrictions

With working from home and the need to maintain formal decorum in home environment. 

Kids are restrained to keep quiet and not freely play. They are expected to not make noise, run around and fight and laugh. All the things that are normal and needed for healthy childhood. 

And parents’ resort to blackmail or threats if they do not comply. And this gives raise to anxiety, stress and even abuse in your child. 

The boundaries of work and life being blur and work invading family space. It is only mounting pressure on the whole family. 

And most of the time to earn a living. Adults tend to prioritize their work at the cost of their children’s wellbeing.

How-to help your child overcome this challenge

Below are few tips that I have used to ensure that healthy boundaries are set without too many restrictions. And all in the family have their space to grow. 

  1. The first thing to do is acknowledge that it is you who is invading your child’s place. Remember that play is work for the child. It is not whiling away time. It is serous work for the child. And respect it like how you expect them to respect your working. 
  2. Children need to move, around run around express themselves, explore, play and learn. If they need to develop and have healthy growth.
  3. Try to have areas in your house marked for your work and for your children to play. 
  4. Let them have their own space and do not intrude into that. It can be the common living room or their own room.  
  5. Be cognizant of the fact that younger children will make noise and let them be children. If you can afford and you see that your work involves you to work from home for long duration and be available on calls.  It is better to invest and soundproof your room than hold the entire house hostage. 
  6. Make a declaration upfront when you enter a virtual meeting that you have young children in your house and some background disturbance is natural and give your excuses. 
  7. Do not resort to control, blackmail, or threaten you child to ensure they stay quite all the time.
  8. Tell your spouse and your kids on your schedules the few meetings that are important, so your family knows that time and duration when they need to give you your space. I actually feel that my kids immediately accept it and control themselves and they also feel they have helped “daddy” at work. 
  9. Try and schedule children work / lesson time around your schedule so you will be able to help and assist them better. 
  10. Have a cut off time from your work so that there is a boundary set between work time and family time. 

Above all teach your children good habits and good manners. You can know in details about it in the below mentioned blogs. 

When you child has good habits and good manners it will be more easy for you to face and overcome this challenge. 

Watch out for Child abuse

With these new ways of working and more time spent in closed spaces (home). The chances of child abuse becomes higher. Child’s inability to fight back makes them very prone to child abuse. Because they cannot fight and speak for themselves people can take advantage of it.

Children can be abused inside and outside their home. Even your child may experience abuses within your own home. And anyone can become a victim.  

Child abuse can be classified like physical, emotional, sexual abuse.

It can even be physical abuse such as beating and punishing because of some stress parents are going through. 

Children can be traumatized if they experience abuse which can result to some serious problem such as depression and if they lose hope in their future can lead to suicidal tendencies or substance abuse.

How-to help your child overcome this challenge

If you happen to encounter child abuse. Please be sure to let the authority know about it if the abuse happens outside the house.

Do not ignore such incident because children’s life is at risk. 

  1. Always be calm when dealing with your child. Don’t let your anger take over you. 
  2. Always remember that you are a parent it is your job to teach your children about these abuses. Teach them how to slip out or escape it. And that they should come and let you know and not hide it. 
  3. With boundaries becoming blur and with things likes lockdown. All members of the family are at home and can get into each other’s nerves. Teach your kids about boundaries and how to respect them
  4. Sibling confined in closed spaces can resort to fights and even bullying. Be mindful of it and ensure they do not hurt each other. 
  5. Keep in mind that hurting your child in any way possible is wrong. Spanking or corporal punishment is physical abuse. 
  6. Ensure that you are not unintendingly abusing your child. Be it with your actions or words. Verbal and emotional abuse is also a type of child abuse. 
  7. Have one on one conversations with your child. And slowly ascertain their mental wellbeing. And that everything is ok and fine with your child. 
  8. If you spot any bruise or bump or blood clot. Ask your child to explain how it happened. Don’t leave the matter till you are convinced with the explanation.
  9. Address issues of abuse to your child. It is better to be ready in a certain situation. Tell them that your support and love will always be there. Make the home environment a secured one.
  10. Find the triggers for abuse and eliminate it completely. Sometimes they can be due to pressures of work and since you work at home it can be felt by all in the family. OR it can be other reasons. Sometimes even borden of staying indoors all the time. 


As a parent always ensure that the environment of your house is safe and secure for your children. 

Take actions when you spot abuse. Don’t be silent. Talk and counsel your family member when they indulge in it. 

It is your duty to protect your children from abuse. If things go out of hand. Seek external help or report it. And if situation calls for it. Take courage and walk out of it. 

Educate your children. Keep lines of communication always open with them. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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