How teens can get a smile like their favorite celebrities

Courtesy of ARA
Teen star Ciara Bravo works closely with her orthodontist to achieve a healthy smile.

A great smile is a teen’s best asset because it provides confidence no matter what she is doing – from performing in a school play to taking Facebook photos, playing sports or just hanging out with friends. Straightening teeth to promote good oral health and providing your child with a smile she can be proud of will benefit her today and well into the future.

If your child admires certain celebrities, in part because of their radiant smiles, you might be interested to know she can easily follow the same steps to smile success that many young stars today do. Anyone who performs, competes or just wants to smile with confidence should consider the following tips:

1. Floss for healthy teeth and gums
Flossing daily will help teens have healthier teeth and a more radiant smile. Flossing is especially important in cases where teeth are crowded because it helps remove the plaque between teeth that regular brushing does not remove. After flossing, consider using a fluoride mouthwash to help kill germs and keep tooth enamel strong. Busy teen tip: Small travel toothbrushes and floss make cleaning easy for teens on the go – simply slip into a backpack or sports bag.

2. Regular dentist visits make a difference
Being proactive is the best defense against decay, cavities and other health issues. To keep a healthy smile, teens should visit their dentist once every six months for a cleaning. If your teen’s teeth require straightening, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss various treatment options.

3. Teeth can be straightened without almost anyone knowing
What do actresses Bailee Madison and Ciara Bravo and bandmates Nathan Darmody, Cameron Quiseng and Michael Martinez from Allstar Weekend have in common? They’re all straightening their teeth by using Invisalign Teen.

These clear aligners are nearly invisible, so treatment is inconspicuous, making it easier for teens to "fit in" rather than call attention to their mouth. "I wear my Invisalign everywhere I go and no one ever notices them, but they do notice the difference in my smile," says Madison, who is in Invisalign treatment with her mom and sister.

Removable aligners allow teens to continue their favorite activities such as playing sports and musical instruments – activities that can be challenging or uncomfortable with traditional metal braces. Dr. Gilbert Snow, who treats top teen celebrities, explains how Invisalign works: "A series of custom aligners are created just for your teeth. Throughout the course of treatment, you will be required to wear these clear, removable aligners one at a time; each one moving your teeth closer to their final, aligned position."

4. Whitening treatments can make a difference
Typically, teens are not known for great eating habits and this can affect their teeth’s health and color. Soda, coffee, fruit juices and certain foods can damage enamel and over the years, stain teeth so they appear more yellowed or browned. Having a white smile is important to teens, so consider limiting colored drinks and foods that are highly acidic, or brush and floss teeth afterward. Some whitening treatments may be an option, but discuss with your dentist or orthodontist first.

A confident smile is one of life’s best assets no matter what you do. Your teen can have a great smile, just like their favorite celebrities, simply by following these smart dental tips.