How does your child feel about childcare?

Parents, one way to find out what child care is like is to ask your child. Listen to your child and learn what it’s like at child care for her. If you are not happy with your child’s opinion, you might want to check further and maybe even start looking for new child care.

Following are some things you may want to check on:

  • Does your child feel welcome at the child care?
  • Does she feel part of the group?
  • Does the caregiver make your child feel comfortable and explain how to do things?
  • Are the children’s opinions valued?
  • Does your child interact well with the other children?
  • Are the activities interesting and meaningful for your child? Do they involve your child doing things rather than just being entertained by television or video games?
  • Is your child eager to go to child care each day?


Penn State’s Cooperative Extension Better Kid Care Program has child care and children’s information for parents and child care professionals on their Web site at For training information, caregivers can call 800-452-9108.