How can women make sure they are safe and protected throughout their pregnancy?


By Ann Murray

According to Linda Hanna, co-founder of maternity health tech company Mahmee ( – and a  veteran health care expert who pioneered the maternity and lactation programs at Kaiser Permanente and Cedars-Sinai – there are critical warning signs to watch out for during pregnancy:

  1.  Back or pelvic pain
    Your OBGYN should always know about pain in the lower pelvic region or across the front of your belly above the pubic hair line. Back pain is sometimes a sign of uterine contractions and your provider will want to make sure the cervix is not opening prematurely.
  2. Spotting or bleeding
    Some spotting is normal, depending on the weeks of pregnancy. Spotting or small amounts of blood stain on the panty liner can occur with implantation of the embryo, but during the second or third trimester any bleeding is particularly worrisome.
  3. Fever
    A higher than normal temperature, paired with body aches and flu-like feelings is sometimes a sign of an infection that may require testing or medication. It’s important to catch this early.
  4. Lightheadedness, dizziness, vomiting
    These could be a hidden indicator of high blood pressure and preeclampsia later in the pregnancy.
  5. Headaches
    Headaches could be normal, but watch out for any unusual changes, like suddenly appearing migraines that you never suffer from. Some medications which are safe for pregnancy but must be prescribed by the physician. Headaches and changes in you vision can be connected to blood pressure issues.
  6. Swelling
    Any major changes in puffiness or if your hands and feet suddenly feel tight, could signals of changing blood pressure or increased stress on the heart. Blood flow to the placenta and fetus can be monitored.
  7. Rashes
    Watch out for any changes in skin or unusual redness, rashes, hives, which can be connected to problems with the gallbladder, a disorder known as cholestasis. Sometimes conditions of the liver can present with rashes or hives.