Helping kids before and after a move

Children are creatures of habit. There’s possibly no bigger disturbance to a child’s routine than moving to a new home. Children often have a challenging time adapting to another home because everything they have become familiar with is now replaced with different bedrooms, backyards, schools, etc. No matter the case, it’s important for all parents to take into account their children’s feelings and make them a part of the planning process when planning for a move. Taking the time discuss the move with them can help them be better prepared for the emotional stress, making the process much easier for them and for you.


One example is, before the move, to involve your children in the planning process as early as possible as it can be very beneficial for them emotionally. Letting your kids to choose the colors of their new bedrooms or a theme for their bathroom gives them a feeling of control. Even so, your children can then get a chance to start thinking about the move early in the process. Some parents may believe that not giving any information about the move for a while will minimize the shock. However, not informing them only worsens the anxiety your kids may have on moving day and could hurt your relationship with them. After you have moved in with your family, it’s important to take the time to explore your new neighborhood with your kids. This can help them become more familiar with their surroundings as well as find their new favorite places.


No matter what, it’s important to keep up any family routines or rituals you may have before, during and after the move — whenever possible. Whether it’s a family game night, a special dinner on a particular night of the week, or a bedtime routine, keeping some kind of structure in your kids’ lives during a disturbance such as moving can be influential for them. The following guide details some of the most important ways you can help your children cope with the emotional impact of moving.

Author bio:Kate Houston is Director of Client Services at Ward North American. She attended Minot State University, and has more than 25 years of experience in the transportation and relocation industry.