Hello from the Peanuts Gang!

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By Alison, Snoopy’s Publicist


We hope you’re staying well through this challenging time—especially if you’re the parent (and/or teacher!) of a grade-schooler studying from home right now.

Snoopy and Apple TV+ want to make the home-schooling a little easier and more fun for kids and their parents: Peanuts is providing free lesson plans and Apple TV+ is offering free episodes of “Snoopy in Space”—and both are available via the peanuts.com website. See below for all the details.

Lessons available at Peanuts.com help students from kindergarten through 8th grade hone their STEM, Language Arts, and Social Studies Skills with the Peanuts Gang.

As parents nationwide try to find new ways to keep their children engaged in learning during the coronavirus crisis, help comes—at no cost—from a familiar and beloved source: Snoopy!

Peanuts WorldWide, via the peanuts.com website, is offering free educational materials that give students from Kindergarten through eighth grade the chance to develop their STEM, language arts, and social studies skills with the help of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the whole Peanuts Gang.

Several of the lesson plans feature Astronaut Snoopy exploring the thrill and science of space travel, and are complemented by the new series “Snoopy in Space,” now available for free on Apple TV+. Both were created in collaboration with NASA. (Apple device owners can access the 12 episodes directly from peanuts.com; others can download from the Apple website.)

In other Peanuts online lesson plans, students can partner with Charlie Brown’s baseball teammates to sharpen their math skills; celebrate spring with the Peanuts gang while completing science, language arts, and math exercises; and learn about persistence—and enhance their own—through lessons from Charlie Brown, who never gave up trying to kick that football!

Finally, all the online educational materials were developed by the award-winning curriculum specialists at Young Minds Inspired (YMI), the nation’s leading provider of free educational outreach programs, and reviewed by their blue-ribbon panel of active teachers.

“With many school districts across the country closed due to COVID-19, parents—including some right here at Team Peanuts—have been feeling overwhelmed at taking on a whole new responsibility: becoming their children’s teachers,” says Melissa Menta, Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Communications, for Peanuts Worldwide. “Fortunately, we have many educational materials that bring core school subjects to new life with the help of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the gang. We are delighted to provide them at no cost to parents everywhere. And we couldn’t be happier that students can get even more STEM education by joining Snoopy on his space adventures through the free episodes from Apple TV+.”

The lesson plans and the “Snoopy In Space” episodes are currently accessible via the homepage at peanuts.com. And when kids and their parents are ready for a relaxing mental break, Peanuts also offers free out-of-this-world coloring pages featuring Astronaut Snoopy and his crew.