Governor Wolf and PA Legislators need to hear from you today!

save early learning

The current economic crisis is threatening Pennsylvania’s early learning system and budget negotiations are currently underway. Our elected officials need to hear from you today!

According to a recent PennState Study, COVID-19 is costing the child care sector an extra $22 a week per child to operate. The pandemic is estimated to have impacted PA child care providers with $325 million in new costs and lost revenues just through Labor Day, and that number continues to rise as the days go by.

In addition to increased costs, 88% of open child care providers are serving fewer children. Provider revenue has significantly decreased with overall enrollment down by 66%. More than 300 providers have already closed permanently and at least 1,000 more are at risk of closure.

Our child care system is in a crisis.

Take Action

Join providers, parents, advocates and allies from across Pennsylvania today and tell Governor Wolf and the General Assembly that they must, at minimum, maintain state funding for the Child Care Services and Child Care Assistance line items at FY 2019-2020 levels to keep early learning strong!