Free infertility support group

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The goal of this Pittsburgh Infertility Support group is to help support people through the frustrating journey of infertility and to promote connections so that no person is feeling alone or isolated. The free sessions are held at 5:30 on the second Tuesday of each month – they meet in a public room in Northern Pittsburgh.

Each month there is focus on a topic and then follow up with open discussion, journey sharing, and exploring/learning ways to find healing and support in this unique monthly cycle of grief.  There is no pressure for group attendees to share, as listening can be just as healing.

New group members will leave with tools to cope, connection to others who “get it” and a hard copy journal of resolved stories of infertility written by graduated group members.

For additional information visit the Pittsburgh Infertility Support Group on Facebook for updated monthly group information and encouraging messages.

Pittsburgh Infertility Support Group