Fingerprint Alphabet Art



If you need a way to keep the little fingers busy and learning at the same time give this fingerprint alphabet art a try!

Learning the alphabet can be tough so fun approaches are always welcome wouldn’t you agree?

There’s a fingerprint creation for every letter and some letters even allow for more creativity – all you have to do is dip those little cuties in finger paint or fingerprint ink pad press them down on a sheet of paper (or a few times in some cases) and do some doodling with a black (and other) marker to give the little characters life!

Fingerprint Alphabet Art

So we’ve got

Fingerprint Alphabet Art

A – apple (but you could totally do an ant, acorn and maybe even an aligator!).

B – bee (I’m thinking butterfly would work out too, ball without a doubt and a balloon – that one would be adorable).

C – cat (carrots and chicks come to mind too and I’ve seen quite a few adorable fingerprint chicks on Pinterest. Oh and a caterpillar!).

D – dog (a duck too).

E – elephant (you could also make an eye).

F – flower (frog would look fun too).

G – giraffe (goat, gorilla, grape is another one to think about – it’s perfect for fingerprint art!).

H – horse (heart should be easy peasy too).

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I – ice cream

J – jellyfish or jellies however you want to call them.

K – key (kind would also be fun).

L – ladybug (lollipop yum!).

M – monkey (mouse).

N – nest

O – octopus (owl)

P – pig (pumpkin)

Q – queen


Simple Fingerprint Alphabet Activity

R – rabbit

S – spider (snake is also an option)

T – tree (turtle)

U – unicorn.

V – violin.

W – watermelon.

X – xylophone

Y – yak.

Z – zebra.