Family Resources has relaunched a special online educational program entitled ‘One Kind Word’

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Family Resources recently launched an online educational program entitled ‘One Kind Word’. The program is intended to inspire empathy where conflicts sometimes occur between parents/caregivers and children, and to encourage kind actions that can make a positive difference.

Stressful family situations involving children can be commonplace in many public settings, such as businesses, retail shops, restaurants, doctor’s offices, churches, schools, and daycare centers.  The ‘One Kind Word’ program provides information that empowers employees who work in these environments to intervene in a helpful manner, as well as, providing the general public with knowledge on how they can help diffuse conflicts.

“Our most important goal at Family Resources is keeping kids safe”, stated Aimee LeFevers, Executive Director of Family Resources.  “Given the current environment we are all living under, I can’t think of a better time for Family Resources to be relaunching ‘One Kind Word’ and encouraging kindness as a means for helping children to remain safe”.

Stressful situations can occur in many public settings (such as retail stores, businesses, doctor’ s offices, churches, schools, and daycare centers).  Many of us have either witnessed these incidents or may have been apart of them.  ‘One Kind Word’ provides information and suggestions that help employees of public places as well as the general public intervene in a helpful manner. 

The ’One Kind Word’ online program is interactive and serves individuals, businesses, organizations, clubs, and community groups.

‘One Kind Word’ is intended for people who work or frequently visit public places and have witnessed stressful situations where a parent/caregiver is frustrated or a child may be distracted or could be unsafe…’One Kind Word’ can educate people who want to do something in these situations, but did not know the best way to help.

All people can play a role in helping to prevent child abuse.

Family Resources is the leading organization in Southwestern Pennsylvania for protecting and keeping children safe through the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse.

The organization serves over 5,600 children and families annually with tools and programs that help keep kids safe.

Family Resources is currently executing a public service campaign on radio and in social media to encourage awareness on the ‘One Kind Word’ program and promoting visits to the ‘One Kind Word’ website and training program at

The public can also support the scope of ‘One Kind Word’ program via donations that can made to Family Resources on the ‘One Kind Word’ website.

The ‘One Kind Word’ program helps support the overall Family Resources goal of protecting and keeping children safe while preventing childing abuse.