Exercise is essential during the Pandemic!

Mother And Daughter Performing Yoga In The Porch

In the past few years, so much emphasis has been placed on math and reading that gym classes have not been given the same curriculum attention as previously! Therefore, children were not getting the essential exercise that they needed at school.  Now the situation is even worse! 

Sitting all day viewing a computer is definitely not healthy especially for children who need daily exercise.  It is exercise that will improve their spirits and make them feel better physically. If students are not getting sufficient exercise from their school’s online gym classes, parents need to step-up and fill this gap.

If you happen to live in a cold climate, you will definitely need to be creative during the Pandemic to find activities that will really get your children up and moving.  Ironically, the place you will do this is on the computer. You should search for age-appropriate activities that they are likely to enjoy and eager to participate in. Investigate such activities as Yoga, Zumba, dance classes, aerobics and exercise for kids programs.  Be sure to check out YouTube programs because they offer so many different options. 

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, be sure to get your children outdoors. If your children just happen to be reluctant exercisers, you should do physical activities together as a family. For example, go hiking, go to the beach, play basketball, tennis, volleyball or go on a nice long bike ride. 

By keeping your children active physical, you are going to enable them to cope much better with both the Pandemic and their online schoolwork.

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