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Siblings can be built in best friends. However when you are raising a child who is struggling, resentment can grow between them. Sibling resentment is one of our most popular topics because of how many parents are concerned about and trying to address it.

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Addressing sibling resentment on National Sibling’s Day

In her young mind, she thought her parents loved her sister more than they loved her. Quinn saw that her parents spent more time with her sister’s teachers than hers, that they talked about and planned more of her after school and summer plans than hers.

She didn’t realize….
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“I Wanted Fairness So Badly”; Continuing to explore sibling resentment

As for parents who have children that experience sibling resentment Audrey’s advice is; “Sit down with them and really explain the disadvantage that the other child has instead of broad terms like sick. Really explain to them the challenges their sibling is facing on a daily basis and why they may act or are being treated differently. I am sure my parents did this for Sam and me but as a child…
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Sibling resentment in blended families

We at the Parent Alliance celebrate all family structures and also recognize that they all have a unique set of challenges and strengths. That is why we sat down with a group of parents, step-parents, and stepchildren to hear what went right for them, what they wish had been done differently, and what they learned along the way.

They shared with us tips on a wide array of topics that impact blended families and one topic that came up time and time again was sibling resentment.
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