Easy & fun craft ideas

Easy Fun Craft Ideas 1

If you’re looking for a fun craft to start but don’t want to make a big investment in tools or supplies, you’re in luck. The craft ideas listed below won’t take a huge investment. In many cases, you can use what you already have to create something brand new. Best of all, the learning curve is very short!

1. Yarn

A simple and fun yarn craft for people of any age is yarn weaving. Finger weaving and arm knitting are certainly options, but you can also learn to weave with a few drinking straws. These weaving projects can be given as gifts to serve as friendship bracelets or as bookmarks.

The weaving process is quite straightforward. Tape three straws together so they lay side by side. Run a length of yarn through the center of each straw, twice as long as the straw itself. These will serve as the ends of your bracelet or bookmark, which you can use to tie it closed. Knot one end of these strings. Tape the top of the straws to a flat surface to give yourself a little resistance. Knot a longer piece of yarn around one of the straws and simply start looping yarn over and under the straws, sliding the loops up tight to the taped end of your loom. At the bottom of your loom, tie off the last piece of string to the straw that you initially knotted to at the top. Remove the tape and pull the straws out, then tie off the strings that were inside the straws to close up your bracelet. This is a great way to use up odd bits of leftover yarn.

2. Fabric

You don’t have to sew to find great sources of fabric to improve your home. For example, pretty dinner napkins can easily be turned into a fabric valance in your dining room.

You will need a curtain rod, preferably with center support. Fold the napkins in half diagonally. Start at one end and drape the napkins over the rod so the points are staggered as you work your way down the rod. At the end where the rod turns the corner, use a napkin folded in half horizontally to finish out the end. Once you get creative with this, you can easily change it out to suit any season. It works well over sheer curtains as well as blinds. You can use this technique with bandanas as well.

3. Repurposing

Save your old baby jars, small jam jars, or any glass container you find pretty. Fill them with potpourri, glass gems, and old marbles. If you have a large leftover jar that you hate to throw away but aren’t sure how to use, fill it with small holiday decorations, such as the tiny package decorations often used to decorate small trees, and display it when you put up your tree.

Old jars that have held food can be repurposed, filled with food, and give as gifts. For example, you can give brownie mix in a jar as a housewarming gift and include a small gift card to a nearby grocery store for the butter and eggs that will complete the mix.

4. Food

Food crafts can also be used for your own enjoyment! For example, buying a batch of your favorite Healthy Muesli Cereal and transferring it to a pretty jar to place on the table at breakfast time will brighten the space and get your day off to a good start.

A word about repurposing containers: There are many pretty jars out there that already contain a variety of products. If you have a jar that once held pickles, either in vinegar or in brine, use a sealable bag inside the jar before you put the lid back on it. Vinegar is potent and may linger in the seal in the lid of the jar. The ingredients in the jar may soak up the scent before you can enjoy them.

5. Plants

If you can grow houseplants, get crafty! Hit yard sales, thrift shops and other discount spots for containers that will hold potting soil. Add a bit of gravel to the bottom of any container that doesn’t allow drainage, top it off with potting soil, and add any plant cuttings that are showing roots.

You can also invest in some seeds and create a little herb garden to keep in your kitchen. Another option is to take the seeds from that lemon or lime you sliced up, put them in potting soil, and keep them moist. The sprouts will smell delicious.

Crafting doesn’t require a large space, a private shed, or a lot of time. Check out kids’ crafts for simple projects you can enjoy with your family or do on your own. Creativity is a great way to lower your stress level and play a bit.


Author: Tracie Johnson